Gdańsk evening walking tour

Visit the heart of Gdańsk in the evening atmosphere. Take a look at monuments and architecture of Old Town in the evening.

This offer is for everyone who came to Gdańsk for a short time, they are after conferences, business meetings or sunbathe during the day.

After a sunset each city shows a bit different face. There is less street noise, the monuments are illuminated hence their facades and sculptures (architectural details) present themselves more clearly.

The sound of the bells is heard vividly.

Enjoy the sights of the illuminated monuments and memorials, which will make this trip really unforgettable.

In fact, it is the most beautiful way to experience Gdansk Main Town.

When the Polish kings arrived in Gdansk, they entered the city by the Royal Route. It was the most representative part of the city.

There were the houses of the richest citizens of Gdansk along Długa Street. Among the most important families in Gdańsk’s history were: The Uphagen, Ferber, and Czirenberg Families. In the very heart of Gdansk – in Długi Targ (Long Market) – the Main City Hall is located – it was the seat of the municipal government, the Artus Court, the Neptun Fountain and the Royal Houses.

The Water Gates guarded access to the city at the wharf – among them the Harbour Crane is situated. We will pass close to the Granary Island and the Lead Island, the former port. We pass the Mariacka Gate and we can admire the most beautiful street – Mariacka (ST. Mary’s Street) with porches, slabs and the guffers’ endings, and numerous amber shops.

At the end of this street, there is located the biggest brick-made church in Europe. St. Mary’s Basilica (St. Mary’ church). Its clock tower provides an excellent viewing point. Afterwards, we will continue our walk in Piwna Street with a short stop in front of the Great Armoury and continue to the Golden Gate.

We will see

  • The Upland Gate
  • the Gateway to Long Street
  • the Golden Gate
  • Long Street (the Uphagen’s House, Ferber’s House, the Town Hall of the Main City)
  • Long Market (the Royal House, the Arthus’ Court, the Neptun fountain)
  • the Green Gate,
  • the Crane and water gates,
  • St Mary’s Street (St. Mary’s Church outside)
  • the Royal Chapel
  • the Armoury